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Ability to spin straw into gold

My mother had the unique ability to take anything ordinary and make it extraordinary. I believe this was because she was always contented with whatever she had. Because of that contentment, she was happy and put so much passion into everything she did and had – as simple as the food she cooked, relationships she cultivated or material things she possessed.

As a student in life’s journey to understand my faith better, I have come to realize that this is the Almighty’s “barakah” or the power of blessings.

This barakah would appear in so many ways at so many times in my life as I reflect back. The first and most obvious begins with how my parents migrated to the United States. They had three kids (under the age of 6), two suitcases, $35 in hand and whole lot of faith. From that humble start to establishing a well-respected life, traveling the world at a time when international travel was not afforded to everyone, to educating three children are all results of the special blessings of the Almighty.

I also recall times when my father would bring home colleagues from work without my mom knowing in advance and somehow the food she had cooked (enough for just our family) would be so plentiful that everyone ate to the point of satiation and there would still be more. I recall compliments she would receive on the simple things she would use to dress up our home which were not expensive, but would make our home appear like she spent vast amounts of money to decorate. I recall times of financial challenges but can never recall a time that we didn’t have enough to eat, we didn’t wear the clothes we wanted or have the things we longed for.

These are all examples of the Almighty’s barakah on her and on our family because of her contentment. He would put power in those blessings to appear as if there was more than we had. Subhan Allah (Praise God). Reference Quran 14:7.

I hope and pray that I can always practice such contentment and gratitude in my life in order to receive the Almighty’s barakah on me and my family.

If you have made it to this post / page, I would be most appreciative if you could say a prayer for my beloved mother. Thank you.

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